When selling copiers, there are always copiers you start to like better and ones you don’t like so well. I wanted to go over some of my favorite copiers, the general reason I like these copiers is because they don’t see to cause troubles.

My favorite color copier these days is the Xerox WorkCentre 7835. I like this one because it is a good value, it will print on about any paper type out there and rarely seems to have issues. Other copiers in this series include the WorkCentre 7845, the WorkCentre 7855 and the WorkCentre 7830.

My favorite black and white is the WorkCentre 4265 – it is cheap, but super fast (55 pages a minute.) For most small offices needing a copier, this one would be perfect.

We all like to sell products we believe in. If one of these fit in your situation, you will be getting a quote on one of these. The 7835 is generally a bit under $10k and the 4265 is $3500 to $5000.

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“When I was looking for a color printer locally (St. Louis), I contacted 5 different copier companies that carried different brands…”

— Sid F — EMR Company in St Louis

“We found Jesse and his team when we were in need of printer service and purchasing guidance. He was fantastic! Everything was easy…”

— Anastasia T – Denver CO

“Jesse and Pahoda Go Above and Beyond I’ve been working with Jesse and Pahoda for almost a year now. At first I had him help us expand…”

— Tom A – Computer Repairs in Las Vegas

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